The Importance of Screening for Depressive Disorders

Program Objectives:
  • To define depressive disorders and describe their clinical presentation
  • To discuss the diagnostic challenges of depressive disorders and the burden associated with them
  • To provide recommendations on screening for depressive disorders

Cardiometabolic Considerations Associated With Serious Mental Illness

Program Objectives:
  • To identify cardiometabolic risks and contributors to cardiometabolic risks in patients with mental illness
  • To discuss the cardiometabolic considerations associated with atypical antipsychotics use
  • To review current treatment guidelines for cardiometabolic monitoring

Bipolar Depression: Burden of Illness and Treatment Challenges

Program Objectives:
  • To provide an overview of bipolar disorder and its diagnostic challenges
  • To discuss psychiatric and medical comorbidities associated with bipolar disorder
  • To establish the treatment goals of bipolar disorder and current treatment alternatives

Treatment Guidelines for Bipolar Depression and Schizophrenia

Program Objectives:
  • To provide updated information to healthcare providers about evidence-based treatment guidelines in the disease states of bipolar depression and schizophrenia

Drug Discovery and Development in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Program Objectives:
  • To understand the drug discovery and development process that leads to FDA approval
  • To understand where components of the drug development process are aligned with the translational science spectrum
  • To highlight innovative examples of drug discovery and development